Spirit Fitness

Spirit is what drives us. It pushes us to go that extra mile. To work harder, reach higher. Spirit helps us rise up and face challenges. It knows that wherever we are at, we can run faster, climb higher, ride further, row harder. Spirit fights for stronger, strives for better. Spirit moves us forward – Alive and energized. Positive. Charged. Bold and brave. Spirit goes above and beyond to help us reach the next level. Find the best, strongest, highest, fastest and fittest.   Our Spirit pushes us to make the best products we can, always innovating, always improving. It guides us to be the best, highest that we can be. Are you ready to join the Spirit revolution?


Spirit – setting new standards in Commercial Fitness

Over the last thirty years, our focus has always been – and will continue to be – delivering an advanced quality experience with all our equipment. All of our products are produced in our ISO-certified factories for consistent quality.

The new 900 Series is our flagship commercial fitness line featuring the very best in design , engineering and quality offering excellent performance and reliability in any commercial environment. The 900 series is packed with the very latest industry led features including the option of either our Ultra-Bright LED console or the latest TFT Touch Screen.


Spirit Fitness

We built our first fitness product in 1983, with the simple goal of giving our customers the highest quality equipment to help them achieve their fitness goals.

It is that same simple purpose which continues today in designing and developing every piece of equipment that bears the Spirit Fitness name. We make sure that each new equipment design meets the same demanding standards that have crafted the Spirit Fitness brand.

Over the last thirty years, our focus has always been—and will continue to be—delivering a quality experience with our equipment. We understand that our products are an investment and we design them to keep pace with your own longterm fitness goals. All of our products are produced in our ISO-certified factories for consistent quality.

It’s time to move your spirit

Our other passion has always been on innovation that improves our customers’ experience. We were one of the first to integrate cooling fans on our products; a high-quality fan is now standard on nearly all Spirit Fitness products. We also integrate audio speakers for MP3 players on most of our products. The number one reason people stop exercising is from boredom, and we know that if you are a little more comfortable, you will work-out longer and achieve your fitness goals that much faster.

These, along with many other exclusive features, are put into our products to help you achieve success. There are many companies that produce fitness equipment, but few that focus on the details that you will find in a Spirit Fitness product.