Best Buy Awards Received On 5 Spirit Fitness Products From Fitness Professor Reviews

The 2017 FIT PROF Best Buy reviews are complete and Spirit Fitness was again recognized – this time for a record 5 BEST BUY awards in 3 different product categories.

XT385 Treadmill – BEST BUY Treadmill under $2,000

XT485 Treadmill – BEST BUY Treadmill under $2,500

XE395 Elliptical – BEST BUY Elliptical under $2,000

XBR95 Recumbent – BEST BUY Recumbent under $2,000

XBR55 Recumbent – BEST BUY Recumbent under $1,500

The review noted, “Spirit built their very first fitness products back in 1983, with the goal of offering customers high quality equipment designed to help them achieve their fitness goals. Over thirty years later, they continue to pursue this goal with a very high level of success, especially with their recently updated bikes, ellipticals and treadmills.”

Fitness Professor reviews are based on 5 main categories – Aesthetic, Construction, Ergonomics, Versatility, and Warranty. The scores from each category are totaled and an average score is determined for each product. Fitness Professor provides consumers with complete, unbiased, and independent fitness equipment reviews to assist them in selecting the very best products for achieving their goals. FIT PROF has decades of experience, over 3,000 reviews and 100,000s of site visitors.

Our product updates on the new X Series resulted in two additional Best Buy awards this year which we are very proud of. We will continue to strive to provide our customers with the highest quality equipment at every price point we choose to be at,” said Ken Kruebbe, Director of Product Development and Marketing at Spirit Fitness.


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