Lochalsh Leisure upgrades with Spirit Fitness

THE only leisure facility for miles, Lochalsh Leisure Centre in the Highlands of Scotland could have become complacent and ignored the need to upgrade equipment. Instead, investment in new Spirit Fitness cardio machines will ensure that members experience the best workouts possible.

Located beside the Skye Bridge, which links the mainland to the Isle of Skye, the nearest rival facility is around 30 miles away.

Despite this captive audience for recruitment, Lochalsh Leisure hopes that upgrading the equipment will show a commitment to facility maintenance whilst giving members access to the latest fitness technology.

The centre now boats new Spirit Fitness ellipticals, upright bikes and a CS800 stepper machine – the first to be installed in the UK.

Chris Mackinnon, Manager of Lochalsh Leisure Centre, said: “Due to our location we have a lot of members, around 400-500, but rather than become complacent, we believe it’s important to provide a good facility that people enjoy using.

“The old equipment had become rather tired, so it was definitely time for us to upgrade and so far, everyone is loving the new Spirit machines.

“Not only has the technology improved, but the equipment looks great too and our members are enjoying the investment that we have made.

“Plus the customer service that we received from Spirit Fitness was excellent. That really does set the brand apart from others on the market.”

As well as a fitness suite, Lochalsh Leisure also offers members a heated indoor swimming pool, spa facilities including a steam room and sauna, and free weights room.

The centre is part of local government initiative, High Life Highland, which offers a discounted membership fee to encourage physical activity.

Business Development Manager for Spirit Fitness, Dan Hodge, said: “It doesn’t matter whether you are the only facility for miles or not, customer satisfaction is extremely important as this is crucial for retaining members.

“Chris and the team at Lochalsh knew they needed to upgrade their equipment, so Spirit Fitness was delighted to work with them to devise a solution that was not only cost effective, but also excellent quality.

“Our industry-leading warranties should give Lochalsh Leisure the added reassurance that their new equipment will continue to perform long into the future.”

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